From Benjamin (age 9)
It’s fun to do experiments that are unpredictable.

From Isaiah (age 6)
It is fun, creative and it is cool to use every day things to make one thing.

From Emily
It is wonderful to have an opportunity for families to work together creatively where everyone’s contribution is equally valued. Laura’s emphasis is clearly on process not product—but the products are pretty amazing also!

From Hayim (age 11)
I started batik when I was seven, in third grade. I took a course with Laura at the Main Line Art Center. I am now eleven, and have been taking batik for four years, mostly in the summer. A couple of years ago my brother joined me in batik and between the two of us and my mother, we have made close to one hundred squares. There is something satisfying about standing in Laura’s garage and dripping hot wax on squares of cloth. Then comes the dying, where you see your work transformed, and then you get to take it home and make a bread cover, pillowcase, and so on.

From Rive (age 7)
I’ve done Laura’s batik workshop three times and every time it was very fun! It’s fun to mess around with all the different tools and paint with hot wax, and Laura lets you experiment and doesn’t have a lot of rules about how art is supposed to look.

From Laura:
My week spent immersed in your batik workshop last summer with my teenage daughter was a fantastic experience that I will cherish for a long time. Your workshop afforded me the opportunity to tap back into my creative self and reconnect with my daughter, all at the same time. Neither of us had any prior experience with batik, but we felt completely comfortable exploring the techniques you so patiently taught us. We also enjoyed getting to know more about the culture of Indonesia, and the history behind the craft.

I loved standing at the tables trying out the different tools, watching children of all ages experimenting freely, and later observing the magic of the interaction of color and pattern in the sample cloths as they immerged from the dye baths. We plan to make a quilt with the squares of cloth that we designed in the workshop, and look forward to coming back again next summer. Many thanks!

From Lila (age 14)
I really enjoyed the batik workshop that my mom and I attended this summer. I’d never batiked before and wasn’t even quite sure what it was but it came very easily because you taught it in a very understandable manner. I liked the feeling of your studio, the music… the incense… it made it almost feel like we were in Indonesia. It’s so simple and enjoyable that the people in our workshop… aged 3 to 50… all loved it. It was nice to be able to participate in all the stages of making our batik square (waxing, washing, rinsing, denumbling, drying, adding a second layer…) as to understand fully how the process works. And instead of just batiking all one color we got to use many, many colors allowing us to be very creative. Also I liked that we weren’t limited to just one tool. No one square looks the same. I would definitely come to your workshop again.

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