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Laura Cohn: Batik Painting The Art , Culture, People and Landscapes of Bali

Laura Cohn: Batik Painting The Art, Culture, People and Landscapes of Bali May 15, 2014 Laura Cohn is an artist and long-time AGTS volunteer living and teaching in Bala Cynwyd, PA. A painter by nature and in practice, she also

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Dabbling in a Foreign Art

William Lamb, The Philadelphia Inquirer, (date unknown) HAVERTOWN – Bala Cynwyd artist Laura Cohn would rather teach fifth graders the traditional Indonesian textile craft of batik than have art galleries display the lush landscapes she “paints” in the style with

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Indonesia Comes to Old City, Courtesy of Laura Cohn

Ed Hewitt, Art Matters, November, 1994 In the cracked-mirror Zeitgeist of the late 20th century, attaining a modicum of artistic and personal integration can take on the contours of a quest. For batik painter Laura F. Cohn, it took as

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The Beauty of Batik

Cheryl Allison, Main Line Life, April 7, 2004 From Bali to Bala.” No, it’s not the title of one of those classic “on the road” movies. It’s how Laura Cohn describes the journey, physical and artistic, that led her from the

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Erdenheim Students Learn the Fine Art of Batik

Joe Barron, Springfield Sun News, May 23, 2012 The odor of hot wax filled the art room last week at Erdenheim Elementary School. Some students liked the smell. Others pinched their noses at the first whiff. Yet they all seemed

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Learning the Far Eastern Art of Batik

Main Line Times Learning comes in many shapes and colors and costumes. At the Chatham Park Elementary School recently, artist Laura Cohn brought her love of Indonesia and its native art and touched the souls of every fifth grader in

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Cohn Studio

Victoria Donohoe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 12, 1996 Indonesia is artist Laura F. Cohn’s second home, where she lived five years. Java, the batik capital of Southeast Asia, is her special love. Cohn’s current show, “From Bali to Bala: New

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Worlds Mingle, Harmonize in Painter’s Works

Michael Haynes, St. Petersburg Times, Thursday, March 30, 1995 Painter Laura Cohn knows what it’s like to be caught between two worlds – and then to successfully come to terms with their differences, be infected by the beauty found in

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