Batik Workshops
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Batik Workshops


Get a feel for the fun and experimentation of an Adult Batik Workshop with Laura

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, experimenting with batik will lead you to new discoveries about yourself and your creative process. With an understanding of the basic techniques of batik, you can explore a contemporary interpretation of this ancient medium. Prepare to play with the unpredictable, open yourself to the foreign culture of Indonesia, and work intensively on several pieces of batik. Move beyond your artistic comfort zone!


It’s like Batik Camp!

Side-by-side with your child, learn about the land of Indonesia and the magical art of batik. Experimenting with traditional tools, techniques, dyes, wax, and cotton, everyone will make several individual batik pieces to be sewn together into a family quilt or creation. Prepare to make mistakes and masterpieces while discovering your and your child’s own creativity.


Work with Laura to design a special party and creation the guest of honor will always remember.

Planning a party for a friend, a wedding, a baby shower, or a special birthday? Come to the batik studio with your friends for a workshop to create a unique group gift and have an unforgettable party. Learn the art of batik, explore your own creativity, relax, play, eat, and drink in the studio and garden for the day. The gift you create can be a baby quilt from homemade batik fabric, or an original batik table cloth for the bride and groom.

Cost varies depending on party size and type. Please contact Laura for ideas and costs.