Laura As Guest Speaker
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Laura As Guest Speaker

As someone who has lived and worked in Indonesia, I am often requested to speak about its culture, politics, environment, religions and language as well as my life as an artist and expatriate living abroad.

If your school is learning about Asia or just Indonesia, I can be a useful resource for such information. I can also address more specific topics relevant to the many art schools in the region.

A Sample Slide Lecture Description

Indonesian Textiles from Pop Art to Old Sarongs

A Changing Cultural Context
A slide lecture given by batik painter Laura F. Cohn will explore from the traditional functional craft of Indonesian batik to more contemporary forms of expressions and fine art. Through Laura’s six years of living and working in Java and Bali, she will evoke the sights, sounds, and smells of this Asian land. Sharing her unique perspective, we will discuss the changing cultural context of Indonesian textiles in a country challenged with the demands of tourism and the commodization of their cultural crafts.

Laura Demonstrates & Lectures About Batik